NAME: Denver Stalks The Bear Bluewolf  
NATION: Oneida Indian Nation of New York  
ADDRESS 5221 Beacon Light Road    


Denver is Wolf Clan and a citizen of the Oneida Nation of New York, one of the six Nations in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. He is the second oldest of six children: Dakota, Tanner, Ciara, Jeremy Hunter, and Rhys. Denver is an active participant in Oneida Nation ceremonies and socials. Denver also periodically volunteers his time to the youth programs at the Oneida Nation gym. He also ran in the Spirit of the Youth Unity Run. Indigenous youth ran from the Onondaga reservation to Akwesasne reserves visiting several different Nations along the way in an effort to promote peace and unity. Denver has worked as a featured extra in a number of historical films.


I enjoy re-enacting historical moments from our past which allows me the chance to learn more about our collective Indigenous history. Re-enacting provides me the chance to experience in some small way what our ancestors experienced in their fight to keep our Nations protected. This allows me to have a better understanding of where I came from and who my people were.

I feel enormous pride when I re-enact a moment from our Haudenosaunee history and act as one of my ancestors may have. And I have a greater appreciation for all they fought through and survived so I could stand here today and say I am Oneida, Wolf Clan. They were amazing people. I am so grateful for their tenacity and determination which is the foundation of who we are today as Haudenosaunee people.


2006 film: We Fight to be Free on permanent showing at the Ford Orientation Center, Mt. Vernon Estate, Virginia. Filmed on location at the Mt. Vernon estate in Virginia. Denver played an Iroquois youth who stole the flag from British troops.

May 2007 trailer: First Nations Thinkfilm for the Discovery Channel. For pre-production of the Peacemaker's Story. Denver played a warrior who pursued another warrior.

Summer 2007 film: First Nations Thinkfilm for the Discovery Channel. Filmed in the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York State and in southern Quebec. Denver played a Mohawk prisoner throughout the film. His grand finale was to run the gauntlet during which he is killed.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Body: Athletic