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NAME: Ben Geboe  
NATION: Yankton Sioux  
DISCIPLINE: Cultural Interpreter  


I have done numerous lectures about American Indian Cultural gatherings like the Pow Wow, Rodeo, Family Feeds and Give Always. I have performed modern dance using Native motifs and legends which has furthered my understanding of how Native people blend the ancient and traditional with contemporary. My mother is of Norwegian heritage and I incorporate growing up in a multicultural family in my lectures.

Indian Educational Background
1970-73 Dakota Cultural Classes, 3 years
Rosebud Sioux Reservation
Mission, South Dakota
• Learned all styles of Beadwork and decorative color schemes, designs
• Improved Lakota vocabulary
• Learned Native history
• Learned how to make Plains style dance outfits
• Participated in local Pow Wow and feeds

1984-86 Dakota Language and Culture Classes, 2 years
Haskell Indian Jr. College
Lawrence, Kansas
• Learned Dakota Vocabulary, grammar and usage
• Learned traditional Dakota society
• Learned about traditional Dakota family and place names
• Learned about Indian adaptation to the American Society

1996-99 Cultural Interpreter
George Gustav Heye Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
New York, New York
• Provided guided tours and lectures about the Native exhibits
• 1996 taught series of two weekend classes in traditional styles of beadwork
• 2000 taught children’s beadwork class during the annual Children’s Festival

1995 Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian
Gustave Heye Cultural Center
New York
Event: Performed in the Native Artists Performing Series: Modern Dance Performance and lecture

1999 American Indian Community House
New York
Event: Choreographed and performed in a dance concert consisting of four modern dances titled “Oral Tradition Without Words”


I began doing lectures in 1988. University lectures concern Sioux Language, culture and history. I also answer questions people have about Native culture from my own personal perspective. I have lectured at the following Universities and Museums:

Marymount Manhattan College
New York University
Boro of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)
Rutgers University
Columbia University
University of Iceland, Reykjavik
Manshantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, Ct
Lycee Francais in Larchmont, NY
La Prairie Historical Society Genealogy Symposium, La Prairie, Quebec

June 15, 2002 I directed a French and Native American Genealogy Forum with visiting field specialist from Quebec,

2001 Tour of Sami Communitites in Northern Norway and Finland with lectures in Finland, Norway, & Iceland

2/22/02 Hoegh Schule, Luebeck, Germany. Lecture about Native American cultures for 400 6th and 7th grade students.

4/20/02 Deutsche Bank, Moment Art Web and New York Times language exhibit by Karin Sander.