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NAME: David Bunn Martine  
NATION: Shinnecock/Montauk/
Chiricahua Apache


Currently Director/Curator, Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum, Shinnecock Reservation, Southampton, NY.

Born in 1960 in Southampton, NY, David Bunn Martine is of Shinnecock/Montauk, Chiricahua Apache and Hungarian descent. He currently lives on the Shinneock Indian Reservation on Long Island. He comes from an artristic family: his mother Marjorie Martinez was a classically trained singer and his father, Thomas Siklos, is a church choir director and voice teacher. His Shinnecock great-grandfather, Charles Sumner Bunn, was a master wood-carver of shore bird decoys and a professional guide and hunter. Charles' father was the first-mate on whaling ships that went around the world on sea voyages. David's uncle, David Martinez was a commercial artist, photographer and woodcarver.

David graduated from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, with a B.F.A. with honors; attended the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, certificate program with a major emphasis in museum studies; and attended Central State University, Edmond, Oklahoma and obtained M.Ed. in Art Education.

Some Apache ancestors are well known in history. His great-grandfather was a warrior named Chin-Chee and was killed in battle with Geronimo's band in 1886. His step-great-grandfather was Martine, one of two Apache scouts who helped Geronimo to surrender for the final time in 1886. He is also related to Chief Victorio and Chief Mangas Coloradas.


Appalachian Spring by Copeland

The cool water emerges from the spring,
coursing out of the rocks into
the channels of memory.

As the Kentucky reel pulses;
amidst branch and leaf,
as hill folk work,

Orchestration's majesty soars over
the minds wanderings
muses of nature enwrapped.

From what is the source of this beauty and creativity?
The concrete alleys of his birth
winding through the labyrinths
of doubt and despair?

Or is it the limitless wellspring
of soul which never dies,
Is never old but
lives at eternal youth of eternal dawn?


Cloud Temple

A managery, a regular kid's barn yard;
Foggy, hazy, murky, strato-cumulous and mare's tail,
Sauntering buy above concerns of life-
Tingled my brain's lobes, back on the breasts of
green grass and undulating meadows of yesterday.

And grimacing, snarling, pirouetting funnels,
and thunderheads-reflecting disjointed thoughts-
as mirror's reflection abide also in a
pranic overhead screen.

Female air forms, sylphs called by
old school, reflect mankind's love and
hate, fluid molecular matrix and
assemble as ballet dancers substance,
spinning around the helix of mind
stuff above.

But, this airy blue screen would
show the placid peace of harmony
as air personifications conform
naturally, blissfully, calmly, harmoniously
if mankind so wills.

Pulsing opalescent forms of beauty to
create white puffy and dancing walzes above-
sugar plum fairies at play as dappled
painter's canvas, signifying the ancient motto:
I am my brother's keeper, if only if.


Pictures of Great-Grandfather Habits

He rested in arms of nature's mother,
Sailed a teal-sea mirror, on blade shaft bow
through salt-grass and yellow leg. Gun-metal and shot,
matched his nature and habits.

Brow sweat and iced moustache
signatures to watch for; veed honker
flocks intimate with him, as book and book-mark
pipe and smoke, v-gouge and caressed curled shaving
also signify his nature and habits.

Pine blackduck and mallard, Canadian geese and
smipe, sitting shoulder to shoulder glass
eyed, surveying incoming feathered cousins,
had their purpose realized after long winter months
as were their habit.

And dramatic arts-
"To be or not to be," and all that- whether
to expound it or just to breath it in, rose in
him as sap at sugaring time, as was its habit.

Final scene: down the old Parrish hall,
behind the old podium in Brooks Brothers
and flowered tie, he rallied constituents, friends for a cause,
which was also his habit.

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