Jane Lind

Actress, director and founding member of the Native American Theater Ensemble, New York City, 1975.

My first few times in New York left me in shock. Over time, New York became an incredible experience. Getting my education in theater, dance, and every aspect of the performing arts, what a training ground. Within a few years at New York University I was asked to join the Native American Theater Ensemble under the umbrella of LaMama.We were to produce, direct and act in plays under the direction of playwright Hanay Geiogamah.

This took me all over the United States and abroad, still coming back to the homebase in New York, continuing our training in theater that Ellen Stewart provided under such persons as Will Leach, Elizabeth Swados, Andre Serban, Lee Brewer, John Vaccaro and many more. I also received training at NYU from Peter Cass, Lloyd Richard, Olympia Dukakis, Christine Linkletter, Hovey Burgess, Omar Shapley, and many others. New York is a haven for actors, dancers, directors and all those involved with the living arts. It brought me full circle. By re-introducing me to my culture through the arts, my eyes were open wider to the possibility of expression. The American Indian Community House was also a haven for Native actors to produce their work. What was given to me from there lives through me always in expression, thought, movement, and especially in my soul.

- Jane Lind