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NAME: Nadema Agard  
NATION: Cherokee-Lakota-Powhatan  
DISCIPLINE: Mixed-media  


Nadema Agard (Cherokee-Lakota-Powhatan) is an artist, curator, educator, published author, museum professional and consultant in Repatriation and Multicultural/Native American arts and cultures with an M.A. in Art and Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University. She is currently the Director of Red Earth Studio Consulting / Productions in New York City. Some of Nadema's recent exhibits include: Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture(Art Train USA, 2004-2007). Parfleche Visions and Moon Breast Mothers(One Woman Show - New York City), Native American Artists Scholars: Speaking four Ourselves in the 21st Century (New York City), Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe: Women Artists Crossing Borders (New York City); Mother Love: Native Woman and the Land (New York City); Metaphors: Art Inspired by Everyday Objects and Folklore (New York City); Starblanket Heaven (One Woman Show - Bismarck, North Dakota). Some earlier exhibitions are Coast to Coast: Ancestors Known and Unknown, (New York City), Sacred Door (One Woman Show - Milwaukee, Wisconsin), and Native Survival-Response To HIV / AIDS, (New York City and Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Ms. Agard has been Guest Curator for New York City exhibitions, Who is the Virgin of Guadalupe: Women Artists Crossing Borders (2001- 2002) and Lady Liberty as a Native America Icon (2003). In 2003, she chaired a Native artistís panel for Artists Talk on Art at Soho 20 Chelsea Gallery, taught a Native Arts series at the Graduate Center, CUNY and lectured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She also lectured as part of the New York Council for the Humanities: Speakers in the Humanities Program (2003-2005) about the Divine Feminine and Native American symbolism in the arts and cultures of Native America. Nadema has also taught art workshops at the Smithsonianís National Museum of the American Indian and Wave Hill through 2004.

Her work has been published in Fire in the Womb: Mothers & Creativity by Elizabeth Anderson M.F.A. & Kate Smith-Hanssen Ph.D. from Xlibris Publications, Earth Songs, Moon Dreams: Paintings by American Indian Women by Patricia J. Broder and New Art International by Book Art Press and can be seen on the web at: &