Talking Stick Arts Newsletter

Issue 13.4   |   Oct / Nov / Dec   2010


Letter from the Guest Editor | by MariJo Moore

Many years ago, in most Indigenous nations, when decisions concerning the environment were made, the effect these decisions would have on seven generations was the highest consideration. Think about this. Seven generations: you, your children, grandchildren, great grand children, great great... click here for more...

Cover Art | by Carises Horn

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Turtles Burning, Turtles Singing |
by Kimberly L. Becker

Gu daye wu, Gu daye wu,
I have sewed myself together, I have sewed myself together
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Caribou Gone | by Phyllis Ann Fast

One day in the 1930s my uncle Don, then a child of six or seven, took a ride with his sisters down the Richardson Highway in Alaska's interior. The Richardson heads east from Fairbanks, a town that Gold Rush miners had built over Athabascan caribou hunting lands three decades earlier. The caribou... click here for more...

Bleeding Black | by Amy Krout-Horn

The first time my feet touched the sugary sand of Passagrille Beach and I felt the tide, warm as bath water, rushing in as if to hold me, I wept. Her beauty, power, and magic, opened, and then filled me, and though I arrived, born from a people whose Lakota ancestral lands ride upon... click here for more...

Miini-Giizis Blueberry Moon | by Barry Skye

This morning I read a short article concerning how NASA is planning to slam two crafts into the surface of the moon. It is a sad moment for sure to see humans extending themselves to begin taking so called "experiments" to the moon. It is violent and crude. Our very own planet is dying... click here for more...

Raven's Story | by Doris Seale

They say Raven did it.
Cruising the shoreline one day, he found it, a large and strangely
shaped shell of a
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