Talking Stick Arts Newsletter

Issue 14.1  |   Jan / Feb/ Mar 2011


Letter from the Editor |

by Steve Elm

2010 was a year of great growth and excitement at Amerinda, and 2011 is promising much more. Vicariously Through You, an exhibition curated by Sarah Sense showing the work of 7 Native artists will open March 9, 2011 at Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba in New York City. The show explores... click here for more...


From Dime Novels to Professional Theater |

by Diane Fraher & David Martine

As we hear the news that the play Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is closing its short run on Broadway, the collective exhale of relief surges through the Indian community here in New York and nationally. Some of our people claim... click here for more...


Reunion |

by Eloise de Leon

Lena rested on the side of the dirt trail to cool off. She told David, to go on without her, which he did, giving her a quick kiss on her cheek before he turned away. She lay down with her face against the cool slab of rock, her dark hair scattered around her head, frizzy from sweat. She looked out at the rocky hills around her... click here for more...

My Three Drunks|

by Gordon Ison

Whenever Barry walked past the three drunks, who sat perched comfortably somehow on the guardrail at the end of his street, he always said at least hello. . click here for more...

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